Daily Devotion – Gratitude Changes Our Day

I was sitting in the vault with a couple of friends, clustered around our desktop computer when the sound of his spokesperson call out loud and clear.

“Thanks for the great meal, Mom! ” we heard Brendan say.

Turning in her chair, one of them tittered. “What decade are we in ?! ” she queried. And with that we all broke out in laughter.

Obviously this was a foreign abstraction to them, but to us it was an everyday thing. 15 year later, it still is pretty much.

I specific civilized them this room. “Bring your bowls to the sink, and thank those individuals who cooked it.” I’d say.

That was our guideline whether they were at home or apart. And not just a simple, “Thanks, ” either. I wanted them to pause for a moment and express a little more than one word.

I’ll admit it felt silly at times inviting someone else to stop give thanks, but it was our racket as their parents to lead them in truth, which included a habit of thankfulness. Whether we’re indebted to others or appreciative to God it must be expressed. Learning this is a part of our spiritual growth.

Remember, we talked about the ten lepers from Luke section 17 a few weeks back? Merely one of the ten returned to give thanks.

We’ve been through a tough year, and many have fought. Yet even in our darkest hour, we can always find a way to give thanks, can’t we?

Gratitude switches our focus away from this world-wide and back onto Christ. It reminds us of all that we have and how much we are adored. It scatters vapours and invites the sunlight to break through. Gratitude alters our posture, thus reforming our epoch!

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Read “A Psalm of Thanksgiving” found in Psalm 100.

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And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.( Colossians 3:17, KJV)

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Darlene Schacht and her husband Michael live in Manitoba Canada where the summers are beautiful and the winters are cold. Together they’ve come to learn that relationships aren’t always easy, but that union, the route God purposed it is a matter of, is a treasure value fighting for.

She began her publishing tour about 12 years ago when she pioneered one of the first online stores for Christian maidens, known at the time as “Christian Women Online Magazine.” After three years, Darlene left CWO to blog as a solo columnist at Time-Warp Wife Ministries.

It was also during this transition that she worked alongside actress Candace Cameron Bure to write the NYT Best-Selling book, Reshaping it All: Motivation for Spiritual and Physical Fitness. Reshaping it All was the winner of both the 2011 USA Best Book Awards and the 2012 Christian Reading Retailers Choice Awards.

Author of more than 15 works, Darlene continues to write and to minister to her readers through her blog at TimeWarpWife.com.

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You are affection by an almighty God,

Darlene SchachtThe Time-Warp Wife

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