WT literal F just happened to me?

I was laying down to go to sleep and lately I’ve been studying when I first lay down to get my last little dose of conciliation. I am in love with owls and I saw this 10 hour sleep music on YouTube with a quite owl on the ad so I decided to do that one tonight. It was a 432 hz deep sleep meditation track so I figured I’d exactly fall asleep to it. I has been determined that tonight I just wanted to be in the presence of my creator so I drew myself surrounded by angels with a big beautiful power above me that I pictured as God. I began imagining dancing to the music to God and somehow ended up as a light-footed being dancing around the angels and twirling around God. I felt so much love and started coming that warm fuzzy feeling and began to tear up. Then enrolls my father … he passed away when I was 22 in 1995. I could literally smell him. I heard a singer in my top telling me how much he enjoyed me and how proud of me he was….then I got stuck and couldn’t move. I was stuck on my side in a loose fetal predicament. I felt a really hot energy enter my back from my neck down to my mid back. It felt beautiful but I couldn’t move until the flow stopped. I’m not exactly sure what the heck just happened to me but it was beautiful. I know it was energy flowing into me but why and what was it for? Do anyone know? The whisker was lodging up on the back of my neck and I started sweating it was so hot … anyone know?

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