According to Buddha!!

The Buddha stated something which is very true that the samsara or the world is full of Dukkha or despair and stand. What he means is that as long as we live as a body, the physical body suffers; as long as we are the mind, the psyche utters us fret, come stressed and anxious. As long as we are the ego, we live with the affliction of indignation, hate, retribution and that’s what we are. We were just the body, thoughts and the ego. Coming to believe that suffering exists will not mitigate suffering, but coming to believe that we are not the body , not the recollection, we are not the self-esteem; that we are the divinity that is within, will utter us realize that it is not we who are truly suffering. Buddha did not define this holines within as God, Buddha did not define it is as a being; Buddha did not define the inside – he gave it be as something that is beyond definition. Unfortunately, the world has not understood what Buddha made. Buddha conveyed we must realize that we are’ that’, the one that is beyond human comprehension; we are the power, the supremacy that archaic Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism announced’ that’, it did not establish it a refer – we are the energy, the dominance, the life force. This realization will liberate us from all poverty and suffering.

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