How are religion and spirituality different, and how can a person become spiritual?

Religion and spirituality are as different as kindergarten and university. Religion is a kindergarten – it learns us the ABC of God, that God exists, that we should do good, we should affection others, we should be compassionate, we should pray, but this is just the ABC. Spirituality is a university – it acquires us advance to realize we are not this figure, we are not the attention, we are the Divine soul. It constitutes us is known that the empire of God is within us, that God lives in the temple of our nerve. Therefore, we must start with religion. All beliefs are good, we don’t need to change our doctrine, but we must go beyond religion, to evolve in colleges and universities of Spirituality. Unless we graduate in Spirituality, we will not achieve the ultimate goal of life – we will not realize God.

A person becomes spiritual by going on a journey to discover who am I, why am I here and realizing that we are not the body, we are not the recollection, we are not the self-esteem – we are the Divine soul. This is our goal – realizing we are the soul; being liberated and uniting with the Divine.

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