Being happy and content while living in the modern world

I have been doing esoteric practices and have very quickly gotten deep spiritual understandings of our soul, judgment, torso, ego, universe – still work in progress ofcourse. Feel free to read my reports around reddit.

I struggle with finding a good mid-way point between prosper and growing in the modern world and time being content with who I am.

Some feeling of lack needs to be there to fuel the drive to do better, some feeling of’ fury’ needs to be there to drive me. If I am just happy being me then how do I improve myself.

some examples 😛 TAGEND say in the gym, I want to get in there 4-5 days a week and push myself to get leaner say in dating, I demand an stunning marriage say at work, I want to study and drive my @$$ off so I can be the best

but if I am only content being me then I can go and just experience sort, and all that and why am concerned about even going to the gym, or witnessing that amazing partner, or trying to get paid more at work, etc? Although we are all spiritual beings deep inside, we do have a human form that too needs to be pleased in human behaviors( lust, substance success, power, etc – nothing extremely extreme, but still a drive to want to improve)

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