Strange dreams of a past love

A couple of years ago I lost who I assumed was the love of my life, I proposed on marrying her, to adultery. Recently in the last couple of weeks I’ve had dreams every night about her, one of which adhere out to me 😛 TAGEND

I was in a strange residence, made of dark wood and all of the light-headeds were off except a office at the end of the hallway with the tv producing a dim light across the portion of the room that I could see through the fissure in the door. I walked towards this doorway and opened it is a matter of pleasantly in the company of this daughter I used to adoration. She was sitting on the edge of the berthed watching tv, curled up in a white-hot expanse. She was naked underneath but I didn’t take any notice to this really, I was just elate to be with her. I asked if I could lie in the bed with her( not sexually, time happening there with her) and she looked at me and gestured. So I told her that I would be right back and marched to another area, a lavatory where I stood for a moment to collect my imagines. And I then returned to the room. This time, the daylights where on and a husband ive ever seen before was lying in the berthed, asleep, and my ex was nowhere to be found. I seemed through the house for her, obsessed and disrupt. -I had lost her again.

And then I woke up. It was in the afternoon and then throughout the entirety of the working day I was down and chilled. It was so bad that I could just gathering.

I just wonder why this still occurs

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