Let us open our ‘real eyes’!

No doubt parties are blind. But merely one percent of the world is visually blind. What about those who are spiritually blind? There are many! Upto 99 percent of all countries of the world is spiritually blind. 99 percent of the people in the world do not realize the truth of who they are, what is the purpose of life. They witness the outer face; they don’t see what is inside. If they are wearing a T-shirt, they are ascertain the T-shirt, they don’t identify the weaves that obligate the T-shirt. If they are wearing a gold resound, they only experience the ring , not the gold – they don’t recognise it’s only unadulterated gold and not a doughnut. Therefore, we must go on a seek to overcome our knowledge and recognise the truth!

Only one percent of the world is visually blind, but 99 percent of the world is Spiritually blind.

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