Root of suffering

The root of your bear isn’t caused by what you aren’t but by who you think you are.

We have know-hows and situations then we go identifying with them and attain them apart of our storey, we identify those events as “ourselves”.

This is what causes suffering because when you do this, anything that happens that affirms its own experience that you have defined yourself as will not be approachable and you will deny it because it’s not “who you are”.

When we disclaim its own experience we deny life and can’t grow and move on until we accept.

So the key here is to not identify with your experiences as you but just something you watched, to step back into awareness, into self and realise that self has no reviews about right or wrong, doesn’t experience feelings, exactly detects everything.

To let go of identification with experiences can be challenging and feeling but that’s apart of life, we need to let in so that we are able let go and grow.

Peace and love all

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