My Spiritual experience with Horus

So in 2018( That time suck for me) I had a Spiritual experience with Egyptian god Horus( I was worshiping him at that time)

I was accompanying dwelling from Winco and I bought two 12 multitudes of soda and the remember Horus obstruct reiterating in my top. And when I got to the street I was freaking out I might get hit by a auto( I been hit my 2 autoes in my day ). after I cross the street I said to Horus Old friend by back hurts and some other stuff don’t fully remember but after that Horus retained my person and with each appendage view the 12 jam-packs of soda he attract amply back while carry it and push my dresser forward and atmosphere Split from my body side by side and it felt like my Spirit was on a cross I recollect look at my torso and it gape different and he told a few things and after I got home my figure felt so much better muscles was relax I was Healed. When I got home I went to my Altar of Horus turn it on and I got on my knees applied my elbows on my altar and cried to him. I felt alot of strength coming off my altar on my shoulders and I stop Praying and I look at my Altar and I received my effigy of Horus moving all over and my altar brightening like it was treasure( like what you seen in a hoard in a picture radiating ).

Anyways that My Spiritual experience with Horus and how he soothe my form I do recommend anyone if you miss a friend check this divinity out he will watch over you even when you don’t expect it.

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