The COVID – 19 pandemic and the financial system

Question: Can you comment on the impact of the enormous fiscal and monetary stimulus, created in response to the pandemic, particularly in the United Government, where trillions of dollars have been created out of thin aura to support the financial system and the economy. Is this likely to cause hyperinflation? Is it imparting us closer to the point where a brand-new monetary system will need to be adopted to replace the existing system?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, I will observe in general because what I will say here applied at most societies , not just the United Regime. Many of the modern republics, the most developed societies, have for decades been influenced by this particular financial philosophy called neo-liberalism, which basically is not neo, it is simply liberalism. The hypothesi is that the government should restrict itself from interfering with the economy or the financial system, but let the system regulate itself. Now, as I have said before, the 2008 financial crisis should have proven to anybody that humanitarianism or neo-liberalism is dead. It has no validity. It has no place in a golden age economy. Since that assignment was not learned, then as I has just said, if you will not learn from one crisis, you will precipitate a worse crisis and here “youre gonna”. Here you are in a greater economic crisis than in 2008 and again, you face the same issues. What will the government do? And many governments, including the United Mood government, are doing mostly what they did in 2008. They are creating money out of nothing, which is not in itself a problem, but they are giving it to the financial system because they are still sustain under this illusion that this is the best practice, or even the only way to stimulate the economy. There are many economists, suffered, smart economists, who have pointed out, time and time again that when you render fund to the financial elite, to the financial system, this will not stimulate the real economy because the banks and the financial institutions will not use it to lend to consumers or customs. They will use it, first and foremost, to secure their own position and their own earnings and simply about 8-10% of the money created by the government filters down to what you can call the real economy of people who are producing something, who are consuming, who are buying something and therefore, animating fiscal activity and fiscal growth.

You need to recognize here, I am saying this again into the collective consciousness, that there was still two parallel economies running in the world today. There is the financial elite and their economy and then there is the real economy, which is the people who are producing products, providing services and who are consuming commodities. Now, the financial system, the financial elite, their economy, is as we have said about the descend consciousness, a parasite on the real economy. It could not exist on its own. It is a parasite that takes advantage of and siphons the money out of the real economy. Then, it artificially overstates the value of its broths, its financial instruments, to a completely unrealistic value that they are able to explosion in a moment if it was not persistently supported by the real economy. In other names, the financial elite, their economy has no chance whatsoever of sustaining itself on its own. It can only be a parasite that lives off the real economy.

It is the real economy of populations and enterprises causing products, holding services and beings ingesting and buying those products–that is what drives the economy. What needs to be recognized here is that if you want to stimulate the economy, then you do not develop coin out of nothing and give it to the financial elite, so that simply 8-10% filters through to the real economy. You can create fund out of nothing, but you give it to the real economy so that you get a direct financial stimulus, where you get almost 100% of the money procreated going into and arousing the real economy. If you will not learn this lesson, information systems must break down and this will, of course, make it necessary to create a new monetary system.

Now, I have said before, that the world has already developed this huge mountain of indebtednes that many nations either cannot pay back or they can only pay it back by enslaving its own population and where does the money run? Do they go to the nation? No, they go to this financial elite and the financial artificially-created economy.

There needs to come a recognition here, that at some detail, we need to simply cancel out all pay, reset the economy and create an economy that is not based on creating money as pay, but where the authorities concerned makes upon itself the responsibility to create what some economists have called monarch money or sovereign currency, where the government procreates the money instead of allowing banks to create the money in terms of credits and where the government then procreates that fund and renders it immediately to the real economy, or at least causes it as lends. This, when it is done right with a computer technology and the learning you have today, will not lead to hyperinflation. In fact, it is the debt-based economy that leads to inflation, because inflation is a consequence of the interest that is paid on every dollar that the banks establish out of nothing. The disastrou position of this current situation is that the descend beings have a convenient excuse, they can say: “It was the COVID-1 9 pandemic that compelled this economic crisis because government shut down normal economic work. It was not our structure that failed.” But I can rest assured, my beloved, that had such a situation not grown, the economy would still have neglected. The financial plan would still have precipitated another crisis and you would have essentially the same dynamic.

Again, you are eligible to move the calls for this, if you miss, that beings and governments will wake up, and they will find a better, more efficient way to stimulate the economy and to create a money system that is not based on debt and that does not earmark a small financial upper-clas to be parasites that siphon off the real wealth created through the labor and the ability of the people.

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