Individuation and the Higher Self

The Higher Self wreaks intending and intent into “peoples lives”, and defines the pronoia( foresight, fate) reigning all humans.

To live meaningful, substantial lives, then, we should live in conscious, intentional accord with the destiny of the universe. Jung called this lifelong process individuation, because through it a person becomes individuus, that is, undivided, integral, unique.

“Individuation is a awareness attempt to bring the universal programme of human existence to its fullest possible look in the life of the individual.” Wisdom, then, is to be guided by the providence of the Higher Self.

This transcendent Higher Self also has an immanent projection, and we may identify, perhaps, the immanent Higher Self with the idios daimon, the personal or guardian angel, at least in some versions of that idea. The Higher Self likewise seems to be a likely candidate for Socrates’ daimonion.

Jung stresses that the Higher Self is paradoxical — and even contradictory — because it catches all the opposites. He announces it the Unus Mundus, but in Neoplatonic terms it is to arreton en( the Inexpressible One ), which unifies sentiment and thing, unity and multiplicity, stability and change — surely being and non-being, Being and Becoming.

The only way to bridge these inconsistencies, according to Jung, is by a symbolic process, which he calls the transcendent function. Synchronicity are clues inkling at one’s transcendent function.

It is also important for beings to be in touch with their Anima or Animus, the Higher Self of one’s eternal collaborator, twin flame, who may be a guide into the divine realm.

This is especially a task for the second half of life, when the Higher Self( that is, the One) pushes the psyche to rehabilitate its forgotten components — the epistrophe or turn toward unity; that is, the One calls us to ally ourselves with the see and to employ ourselves in work of Pronoia.

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In other terms, the Higher Self is the excellent, idealistic way of yourself.

It is a “illusion”. You are a projection from the realm of character into the realm of matter( Purusha -> Prakriti)

> Purusha( Spirit, Being) and Prakriti( Matter, Becoming ):

The recursive absurdity of the whole situation is that it is you NOW that is empowered to define who exactly that excellent soul IS and WILL BE

The One/ All separates into Purusha and Prakriti so that it can experience itself deriving/ becoming. We are “simulating”( within Prakriti -Nature/ Matter) archetypal Forms that exist independently in Spirit. Word exists at the limit where Becoming approaches infinity. Pure Being in archetypal spirit-space.

Strive to become more like the excellent Forms, the Logoi, in your everyday life.

This Higher Self, in turn, has a life of its own and a “higher-higher self”; it lives, sleeps, dreams, just like you and I, merely in a higher dimensional resolution.

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