Being awakened is not sustainable

The worst part about having an awakening, is the come down from everything there is. You may love your brand-new life, perfect synchronicities, infinite possiblities, astral estimations, discern connection with the source, etc.

But, where has it all gone? I feel worse then I did before suffering everything there is, because it all turned into complete chaos. And this chaos has been repeated.

This whole woke culture is toxic. There’s no escaping duality here on earth. There’s no utopia. This is a living hell.

It seems the higher you go, the deeper you come. We can’t escape this reality. Your genealogy, friends, co works, strangers, media, aching, demise, it’s all grief. Physical and spiritual.

I’m not a negative person. Its just what I’m seeing at this moment in “peoples lives”. I’m still hopeful for the future. What I crave is not complex. A kindnes mind, my own family, a warm house, a serene position, near spray. This seems completely out of reach. And now I’m simply ranting.

I’ve lost my inner child and I would do anything to get him back. I exactly feel demolished. Designs or prayers, I could use my honour is Christopher.


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