Is manifestation a form of ego wanting things? How do I want something and keep my ego in check?

Of course I want to experience many moments of glee, a stable and fulfilling activity, a depth contact with someone and a cozy residence. But sometimes I feel bad/ guilty about having hopes, like I’m being superficial. I am aware of the importance of gratitude and living in the now and I do my best to accept my current situation but there are many things in my life that I would like to improve upon/ reach as listed above.

Where does my pride fit into this? Sometimes I “ve been trying to” visualise, you may call it manifestation, and it forms me incredibly happy to imagine myself having all these things. Then I find myself being disappointed as time and time again I feel let down by reality and it performs me wonder whether I’m asking for too much. I’ve made a big effort to find joy in every day and not clear my pleasure be conditional but it’s truly starting to get repetition. I’ve been semi urgently imploring for some positive change in my life and im meet it hard to balance being material and still having a intense desires for change.

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