Desire and Lust

If you haven’t be interested to hear Ram Dass hitherto, this follower has changed my life.

When it comes to the spiritual course, I premise we are all looking for the same thing. Freedom. Love. Fulfillment.

Ram Dass constructed it all click for me by being real about his humanness. Lust and Desire. The trappings of all of them. I relate to him and his prior experiences concerning lust, but where reference is explains what it is we’re all really looking forward to THROUGH our desires, that’s how you can break free from them. We are looking for oneness, discretion, bliss. That happens during the few seconds of orgasm. I never brand-new our drive for an orgasm, is our link to the divine. I entail, it does make a baby, so that fixes feel, but I surely never looked at it that way, being an American citizen. Uh um.

He even said, once you give up an attachment, you actually get to keep it, but learn something more with it. The kicker is not to cling. It’s sometimes hard-bitten not to cling, but when you learn the reasons you are clinging is because you feel separate and are shooting wholeness. Wholeness is are available in , not out. But, we get to chase wholeness from without as long as we damn well please.

However, the pulling to God becomes greater and stronger when you start feeling the freedom from your feelings and start to realize the endowments from God are everlasting and everlasting. He even said that once you have a union with God where all your vigor midsts are opened and you are One, that sexuality becomes “Mickey Mouse.”

I have been chasing this God union orgasm thing he refers to ever since I learn him talk about it.( New desire) Ha ha

But at least now, I know there is hope for eternal bliss. The devotee I always craved is coming to me. And you too.

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