It was the day after my birthday I had just turned 21

So I know this sound cliche but 2 year ago my brother had made me out to to the restaurant he worked at to have my first law drink. I had a good time and I was talking with his co workers and having a great time. About an hour in to meeting all of his coworkers, my brother had taken off to go on the other side of the chamber. The disallow terminal was constructed like a giant “U” I was on one side and my brother was on the other side. Where my brother was sitting that’s where I saw this one girl we will exactly announce her Tessa, I don’t know what about her tended my attention towards her but I really liked her for some reason and I didn’t even assemble her more. About 5 mins after she and my brother came and sat by me she feed herself to me. I was very nervous I didn’t know what to say. So I was like high-pitched ….. she left exceedingly abrupt to go take care of her prescribes. I got home that night couldn’t stop thinking about her. My bro did not know more that I had a humiliate on her. I asked him what her mentioned was again because I couldn’t remember, I transported her friend request on Facebook and said “ we should hangout sometime.” She did not respond I study I creeped her out lol. When I would have dinner at my bro’s restaurant and I would hear her I didn’t mean to look at her so much better but she was so beautiful I would stair sometimes and she would look back and catch me gazing. One day I “re coming” and I was just picking up a order at the bar and she actually came over to me and said “ hey how “are you doin “? ” Over time I recognise i really had a legitimate crush on her and I still can’t stop thinking about her. But I can’t tell her how I feel make she been In a long term relationship and I respect her gap. Exactly wondering how to got to get her ???

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