We are the prisoners in Plato’s Cave

I am putting out this pole in the midst of what I accept can be considered a “spiritual awakening” that I started to recognize a few months ago. I’m wondering if anyone has had similar ordeals or revelations they contemplate could help me and others reading this along their courses. While I was acknowledged by not 100% expressed his belief that the experiences below is not only my brain trying to convince me of one thing vs. another, opposed to the truth, I am trying to keep open and aware.

Also, I only had a feeling to make a reddit account to write these plans down, as I have not fully expressed them to anyone, exclusively to my partner who I was not able to explain fully more. Reddit moves deeper than I had believed a week ago ..!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that happening here, read, watched, or be interested to hear recently that all seem to be conspiring/ steering towards this altered perspective.

I have long since experienced this phenomenon that no one I try to explain it to has also knew: When specific areas of my organization are bridging itself, and action( gravity/ tension) is exerted( like your legs when sitting cross-legged or with them outstretched, one ankle on top of the other ), there comes a top when you cannot tell which leg is crossing the other in your mind. After a minute or so, perhaps you have to really give attention to the space between, feel the forces that are being exerted and follow their pathways, it then feels like you exclusively have one leg, arm, forearm/ leg etc. It is a strange sensation! And you can only break it by lifting the pressure, wiggling your toes or looking with your eyes. I find this agitation most intense when smoking smoke. Recently I was able to take it to the next rank after smoking a high THC strain. I also would contribute the following experience too to the very basic meditation procedures I most recently began to explore and practise. I stood, hoof seeded on the soil and arching over containing onto a shoulder-height towel rack. I was just elongating first and began doing the box breathing technique. Then gradually, commencing with my forearms and pass that were touching the wood dowel then moving to my paw touching the anchor and then able to feel both at the same time, I began to have the overtaking sense that my totality figure was merged with a “liquid” environment as the boundaries kind of went away in the same way I had known previously with the intersecting of my legs. While the previous “merging” suffers remained within the boundary of what I think of as my person, this blurred the edges and participated …. somewhere else. And what was really interesting was that I could ensure a kind of “pushing into” this blurred boundary and explore it. At first it felt creepy, and I gathered back a few times but was able to get back and try again, a little further and in different directions each time. It is hard to explain the sensation – the best imagery I can get is like diving into a reserve of spray with your hands together over your brain, and when they thumped the surface, spread forward and out as it propels. It seemed to dissolve but does not dissipate. Immediately afterwards, it stimulated a shift in perspective in me. Does anyone reading this understand and just wanted to share their experiences? Around the same time, I suppose I had some sort of hallucination while talking with my partner. It was our 1 year remembrance and we had just inhaled that same gras, talking about one thing or another, cooking in the kitchen, and he said anything that induced me participate him completely differently. I feel love for him daily, but this was a deeper affection than I has in the past knew. It was like my feeling (/ higher self ?) was standing and talking to his. I felt as though he was welcoming me into this higher state of consciousness, like he had been waiting for me there. I felt like we are also able virtually telepathically communicate. He physically appeared more attractive to me, I recollect certainly ensure into his eyes and understanding that what he was saying seemed to come from some deep truth that I perfectly understood. I remember talking about religion and it’s autobiography among other things. I restrained expecting him if he was experiencing what I was, but he wasn’t, or at least not his earth ego. How can that be? I imagine that it could be of another time? Or is it psychosis ?.. I ought to have suffering headaches for a while( times) now. I can describe it as a monotonou influence in my forehead between my gazes. The other period, my partner fell asleep with his and on my president, like one digit putting pressure on that distinguish. I was doing the breathing skill. I then felt like his paw was placing the pressure away from my chief and it felt like relief. I had a strange idea to try to direct something into his psyche/ dream through this, imagining some pattern meaning for our garden-varieties. I wonder! What does it feel like to sense a spiritual existence? At meters, peculiarly when accompanying in the house at night or lying in bed, have a feeling like something is nearby, but become fear and turn away from it. I just recently( after realization that this could be more than only in my judgment, something to rationalize away) have the smell to approach these situations without dread. Is there any the recommendations on how to cultivate this connection?

A little context 😛 TAGEND

I grew up going to( Catholic) religion and doctrine class, but after going demonstrated, going along with family pressure and not personal notions at the time, did not stay participated with any real type of spirituality in the following 10 times. I recall how things were presented and how I received what they were trying to teach did not mesh with my intuition that organized religion is just a means to reach greater universal truths.

I have recently gained a fascination with fungu. Mushrooms( the fruiting mas) and their mycelium. I started making Lions head sprout pods a few months ago and think it also has to do with this awakening of spiritual relationship. You should watch Paul Stamets’ Fantastic fungi/ read Mycelium Running, or consider developing some foodstuffs in your backyard( “were having” some wine cap’s grown in woodchips now !). I now feel the force of the universe moves like mycelium.

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