possible signs(s?) from spirit guides?

ok so i just knowledge the weirdest thing ever, i woke up and the first thing i see is my favorite knife protruding out, under my pillow. i had lost it for a couple of days and i miraculously met it. suddenly i was just thinking about the song “teddy bear” by melanie martinez which get something like this “now i’m finding spears under my expanses, crumbled photographs of me.” i have no idea why, but i thought i should let you guys know everything. now you guys may be thinking “well what if you forgot u situated it under your bunked? ” well, i didn’t. i was only never introduced a knife under my bed, also my spear has a special place in my drawers so i never loose it. i immediately though of my flavor steer( s ). i haven’t met them more, but i keep getting these curious signs that ultimately establishes me think of them.

i think this sign is a little bit irrelevant, but a couple of days ago i was in my office coming dressed up and i put on my favorite echo and when i was about to go the ring, out of nowhere broke in two excellent portions and one fragment deadass wing across my room and arrived in the hallway. it fricking flewwwww !!! what does that even planned?

i have a hard time understanding these signals, so if someone think they understand what it means or are contributing to me understand, fucking help me!

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