What getting perspective means!

I’d love for us everyone to imagine this.

Imagine a brick wall as towering as a house.

You’re standing right against it and you look up. The wall seems so tall! There’s no way you can climb this. How can you ever get over this wall?

You turn around and start marching back. After a minute you turn around and look at the wall. It doesn’t seem so large-hearted anymore. You can even sort of assure over it. In information, you recognize now, that you could’ve merely walked around the wall.

This is what getting perspective conveys – the about as far you get from something, the smaller it seems. When you have more information on the horizon, the wall isn’t the only thing taking up space.

Perspective is not withdrawal. It is a act of gallantry – walk away from your problems not to avoid them, but to return last-minute with the newfound confidence that there are other options. Other ways to think about whatever’s troubling you.

Sometimes we thrust ourselves to face our problems head on – that may work if the wall is short or the mortar is weak – but sometimes we just need perspective. Sometimes we may even realize that it wasn’t even a problem to begin with.

Hope this discovery someone who needed to hear it!

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