How can it be proven that consciousness is not of the body? Is it because consciousness (pure sense of awareness/existence) cannot catch a disease or become influenced or damaged like the mind and body?

Some things in life can’t be proved. They have to be inferred like the Law of Gravity. You don’t prove it but you deduce when you hurl something up in the sky, it comes down, because it is being pulled by gravity – so too consciousness is to be inferred. And “its not” of the body because when the body dies, the body is as it is, but what happens at death? What is the difference? Every cell of the body remains, but the consciousness leaves the body. Therefore, we infer that consciousness exists – it is that consciousness which is our existence, our life energy, our Divine self. And that consciousness is only an energy, it cannot catch a disease. For instance, a bulb can smash, but vigor in the bulb cannot shatter because it is energy. Consciousness is that Divine energy, it cannot be damaged, unlike the body which is gross physical body. The attention of course is something you cannot find – it is a subtle part of our macrocosm – we must realize the Truth.

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