Order of the What? Order of the Hidden my ass!

Q: What is the Order of the Hidden?

A: The Order of The Hidden is a community hub for individuals seeking to discuss and detect spiritual profundity. We look up to come together in the spirit of unity and collaboration, to grow all together and to become the best individual and the best society we can be.

The community thrives daily yet we stay very close to each other. Each member is encouraged to share their revelations, intuitions, events, and oblige Order of the Hidden a residence for those of us with assignments to fulfill, and for the ones that still seek for their own mission.

Q: “Why the hell is it Hidden? “

A: Because of trolls and theatre? Nuff said.

Q: What does Hidden Mean?

A: It can convey many things. Things that are hidden from society, actuality, or the physical realm. We are not part of the Mainstream Society.

Q: Why do I want to join?

A: To explore, learn, assemble, and help local communities by sharing knowledge and experience.

Q: This is cultish?

A: I get it. It’s not for you. At least give me the courtesy of wining and dining me before I get f

Q: You Suck!

A: Noted. Next duration I will suck harder and hopefully learn to get better at it.

Q: You suck at being Hidden?

A: Thanks, could you gives people a 30 -second headstart next time. I promise ill get better at hiding.

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