How can we achieve the full potential of this instrument called the human body?

The human body has been referred to as tungabhadra. Tunga implies infinite and bhadra signifies auspiciousness. Thus, it means that the body is an infinite reservoir of auspiciousness. Everyone must therefore carefully introspect is whether or not this sacred knack called the body is being properly use or is ill-use and mishandled. It was sage Narada who after deep enquiry leaved this figure tungabhadra to the human body. We have to make every effort to understand the sanctity of the human body, use it for princely and sacred acts, and derive Bliss therefrom. Human life should not be looked at from simply a worldly, cloth, and physical position. Through intense enquiry, sage-greens of yore have unravelled the deeper significance of human existence. Man today faces misery because he does not realize proper use of his person and does not live his life as it ought to be, that is to say, in the service of humanity. It is only when one becomes concerned with society one will begin to understand why the human body is called tungabhadra.

Divine Discourse, May 18, 2000. been presented with / u/ Siddika_pathak [ association ] [ mentions ]

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