Shattering Paradigms: Expanding Beyond What We Believe is Possible

The Way of Nourishment: The Art of Heal From The Inside OutWhen we are navigating transitional doorsteps and expanding beyond our seen doorway of what is possible, it is normal for our deepest panics and core meanders to surface.

As we begin to move beyond the age-old paradigm of our conditioning, it is natural to contract and reach back towards what was known and familiar.

In these times, we might want to soothe ourselves through habits that may not feel the most supporting and nourishing.

Embracing The Magnitude of Our Light

Our addictive practices and patterns are indicative of stored chagrin and unworthiness still exists within our arrangement that distrust the state of grace, calmnes, affection, please, and free that is our natural birthright.

These wounded parts of ourselves arise to keep us safe. And they isolate us from further agony, wounding, and annihilation.

There is a sense of wanting to dilute our primal essence and the incredible action of our true nature because we are afraid of the magnitude of our light-headed and brilliance.

In these moments, how can you begin to reach more self-conscious the subconscious inclinations that are threatened by your swelling?

A Practice To Integrate Subconscious Impulses

As a practice, you can move your awareness to your bodies’ awareness and know and notice 😛 TAGEND

Am I in my mas and connected to myself right now? ” “Can I actually feel myself right now?

If you notice yourself knowing stoppage, can you take a moment to move towards the experience of your realization and the teach army of your physical attendance?

Once you move towards the experience of your embodiment, you can feel the deeper level feeling or underlying need that is present and yearning to be met.

The Choice That Comes With Attunement

Through this deeper listening and tradition of attunement, we have access to a hand-picked point.

We can allow ourselves to become hijacked by our horrors and core wounded perspectives. Or we can empower ourselves to turn towards and soothe the one of the purposes of us that feels peril.

We slow down into an embodied proximity and watching, listening with the full force of our love awareness to the cry of the underlying need that has always longed to be seen, desired, and fully met.

We attune to, reputation, and cherish ourselves in accordance with the arrangements that we’ve ever longed to be. We commit to being the mother, lover, and friend we’ve never had.

Convey Up For Ourselves

We recognize that as we greatly is an indication for ourselves, the universe rises to meet us in the most spectacular, awe-inspiring, and magical ways.

We are no longer operating under the illusion that we have to struggle to be passionately met and actualize our greatest dreams and desires.

We recognize that as we dedicate our entire souls to status and filling up our internal reservoir, we naturally magnetize what reinforcements our highest construction into our lives.

I would love to hear what traditions substantiate you in feeling the most resourced and connected to yourself as you are navigating transition and changing beyond your realized account of what is possible?

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