An Ascension is about to take place

We are ascending, “there hasnt” Jesus Christ/ Allah, or any religious representation coming to save you all. What’s about to happen is the ones with a decalcified pineal, taken care of their bodies, and with high enough kundalini/ serpent vigor spring, will essentially be teleported formerly the flash stumbles, so that they won’t construe the frights unfold. The Reptilians/ Greys will then pop a hologram in the sky where everyone will see it and it will also be LOUD AF. Then those caught in the “hypnotic” state will then begin to be pulled into the air via tractor lights where they will begin reptilians/ human and grey/ human hybridization. As those beings have no soul, those who die in this 3D realm might get their soul and flavor reaps aswell by their Tech. Those who’ve ascended is more likely to or probably not( depends) get new forms or be able to keep what they have now but with your caches beings wiped of your past life( again depends ). This is where your junk dna comes in to where depending on how much unraveled during the flash, is highly dependent on what abilities you get straying from cyclops all the way to goku/ Superman. This is a simulation on God.

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