Hindu goddess Kali seems so familiar

I need to read more about her but felt I’d expect now first cos I’d love to hear some of your thoughts. So for the past few years I’ve seen depictions of the Hindu goddess Kali pop up, you know,. on Tv, or maybe in online sections. I’m always struck by how familiar her face seems and peculiarly the face she is pulling.

If I Google Image pursuit “Kali” it’s like I’m looking at signs that I’ve ever had up on my walls except maybe they’ve only 15 percent conspicuous. Or say you can only see them at particular tilts. Not literally of course, it just how damn familiar she is..

Now couple this with me having long term issues with anger and it gets me concluding have I developed a connection to this goddess is she maybe somewhat working through me? These are questions apparently unanswerable, but I earnestly consider I find the face of Kali more familiar( and MUCH more) than my loving mother .. so it’s really strange.

Is it simply the face shes so often pulling rekindles a storage of a common human emotion? Does anyone who’s interpret this repute she searches, like too familiar?

Seeing the pictures also makes me feel uneasy, like slight horror, but more like I want to fight her back with my own machete/ sword for drawing her stupid insulting face. It virtually is just like I’m locked in a fight of anger … Dude I don’t know, I don’t get into these kinds of things, this is a throwaway account cos I’m mostly a rationalist with mystic curiosities.

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