I dream often that I belong in America?

I’m Australian born, I’ve never been particularly interested in American things.I like British culture, I watch English films etc.Anyway I have these dreams started years ago where I’m in America, the US I mean.I was marching in Idaho, I don’t know anything about that plaza, and there the vitality is quite different, that’s all I can feel in the dream this incredible/ perfectly accorded energy that in the dream they seem to say is impelled for me.I precisely feel a lot happier in the dream and not at all like the link or exertion I have in Australia.

I don’t feel connected or anything to Australia.The other dream I had recently I was again in the US, incredible force once again, that’s what I recollect most about these American dreams an vigor that is more home for me, or synced thats the only mode I can describe it.in this recent dream I am talking about the vigor as I saunter and then go into some exhibition there. at the exhibit is the guy I was in love with the last few years, who asked me out many times but I said nothing.He was of American ancestry, and in the dreams he’s telling me all these things about his American parentage that his ancestors are from all these specific places in Ohio.Again I had no idea, don’t know anything about Ohio, knew good-for-nothing of his American family, except that he told me his ancestors were American.He died recently and I’ve still been mourning that.Do you think I simply have some connection to the US, past life or other? Maybe ancestral springs there, I have no idea.Should I move there or something, like I said the energy in the dreams is completely different to the wrong off force I feel in Australia every day.

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