What does meditation mean for you?

For a long while, I have been feeling very down in my life, and recently, I touched a rock bottom. I felt a method that I hadn’t felt before. I turned to Reddit and I received kind feedback and gratuities/ help to help maneuver my life in the right direction.

One of the reoccurring suggestions was to take care of myself and really desire myself through the process of meditation.

Being brand-new to all of this, what does reflection mean for you? What is your interpretation and practice?

This morning, I listened to a 10 hour musing video. I was awake in my bunked and just listening to what the audio was telling me( which should include a lot of deep breathing, concentrates on the breathing, etc ).

If I have to be completely honest, I am trying to not only find love in myself, but affection in general. I do have a specific person in my intellect, but eventually, I want to find love with someone who I enjoy and charities me back unconditionally.

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