Spiritual dream

Hey beautiful people, this morning i had a quite meaningful dream. At least it felt like it. There will be a TLDR in the bottom. Thanks in advance, and I really hope you guys can help med with this. 🙂

So, this morning i dreamed that i was sitting outside with a ugly seem dame. We were on a hilltop and the condition was nice. There were trees down the hill, and she was sitting on a terrace. I look back her with discrimination because of the path she gazed, when all of a sudden she told me she is dying. I considered that she didn’t bother at all, which elicited something in me. I glanced her in the eyes and noticed how my person disappeared and the real me started to emerge. All of a sudden I had ended tendernes for her and understood her perspective perfectly. Then her face started to move and distort, it virtually felt like i was on LSD. I got pulled out of my mas and started floating around, and noticed that everything is connected to each other. I could take in the perspective of all my encircles, peculiarly the trees, since they were the most prominent feature. I swam around for maybe 30 seconds in totalt bliss. I realized that what is happening is that i took the step out of restraint reality, and stopped determining myself with the body and mind. I was body, and mindless for 30 seconds. It was incredibly liberating, as well as it became a little scary when my head started to try and prepare something of it. Once the anticipates got too intense i got attracted back into my mas and waken up.

So, what happened here? Did i have some kind of astral projection? The dream took place in an environment unknown to me, and i didn’t are aware of the lady. Is the dream a clue that i’m starting to connect more to the spiritual world? I have been on my outing for about a year now, and have a daily mediation rehearsal. Likewise, today a friend transport me a video of a mouse being shot out of a potato gun. I got the worst feeling ever looking at it. Before now, i would not bother coming across spooky substance on the internet, but this time it really affected me. Might be random, might be connected to the dream, i don’t genuinely know. One thing i do know is that something incredible happened in that dream, simply not if it is meaningless or actually a clue of something.

TLDR: Had a dream that i left my person and started hovering around. It felt incredible but now i’m not sure what the hell is oblige of this experience.

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