Reading Suggestion and Curiosity

Hey my spiritual folk. I was just wondering, has anyone here speak I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj?

This book coached me so much better. It is 100% the lineage that I belong in and I have been doing similar patterns for a while.

I actually spotted this bible on my friend’s bookshelf. It was given to them by their mother, who is extremely mormon. Honestly, the things in this book … I don’t know what drove her to give the book, but I know it was meant for me. My friend, who owned the bookshelf, is not spiritual, I’ve instruct him yoga a handful of experiences, but that’s about it. So it seemed absolutely out of place on his shelf. I asked if I could borrow it … and it has been mine ever since.

Read it! If you are interested in the idea that the body and thoughts is not who we are. Though, I imagine you could get an entirely different message from it than I did. 🙂

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