Waking up and falling back asleep

I wanted to ask if it is possible to wake up to have a what i felt was a spiritual awakening and go to sleep like it never happened.

To trimmed a very long story short last year i went through what was a particularly spiritual experience albeit it only lasted a short time i had this total feeling of bliss and being alive and connected to life it felt like i finally realised or was living the life i was brought here for. But not so long after that the euphoria and being high on life made a turn for the worst, i had a really bad mental failure maybe it was because the more glad and connected i felt the more it was harder to relate to those close to me and i dont know i will say i cracked and had a full disturbance followed by a week in the hospital.

Now after that is where life made a turn the sense of being connected to life left me i was very depressed and lost and i read and tried to figure out what happened to me. I learnt lots of things that targeted it out to being a spiritual waken and the more i speak the more i could relate. But trying to get back there was hard and if anything i learned i will never maybe get that same height of bliss and armistice and would have to work hard and make some life changes to feel myself connected to nature to God the mode I once did. It was by no means easy my knowledge was still broken i was very impassive and chilled everyday was a struggle but i got through it.

Now one day i wake up im okay im normal again im not depressed im simply the same old-fashioned ordinary me i was before all these crazy things happened. Now im left with so many questions was it simply me going crazy at that time, was what i experienced real?

I know for a fact it was but still i cant tap into that force again infact it is a different world-wide, i dont want to feel stupid whether i departed crazy or not i experienced what was a real divine connection and now well i am asleep again it doesn’t the more the days pass the less it intersects my mind.

I am really scared to try and start that spiritual wander i know its one of the hardest things one could ever do. I was happy one day i woke up and i was just my normal regular soul but i what i suffered was very real.

I think the worst part is sometimes feeling like i am in a matrix i know i am but this time the glass is thicker i broke though it formerly by accident and get put back in and there’s nothing i can do.

* sorry if my spell and punctuation is off typing on my phone and hastily at that precisely to get onto off my chest.

Would love to hear some advice

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