Daily energy hygiene

Set an intention for the day: “I am gonna devote a nice day” Set a little time aside to pray Be grateful for what you have, say positive pronouncements like: “I am always at the best place and the best time” Be was aware of the elegance surrounding you Accept and cherish what encircles you: your torso, life, significant other, metropolitan Visualize yourself breath in universal light-colored and when breathing out visualize yourself glowing of pure flare Ground yourself: envisage beginnings growing under your hoof and into the earth beneath you. Cleanse your aura: ask for angels to cleanse your aura. You are also welcome to imagine yourself in the midst of a protective bubble. Connect to your higher ego: envisage a golden weave going from the top of your brain to the sky as high-pitched as you can imagine

That’s it! What is your daily energy hygiene?

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