Just some short notes on things like life, death, society, afterlife, universe, and more

My belief is a lie

My belief “ve been told” I was suppose to be immortal I was sinful, and to be saved I was driven out by my god I was not meant to live I was prepared for demise and crumble

My society was a lie

My society was made to work as extinctions slaves, until the working day we discovered a practice to prolong life, such as stop age. Not for my life, but for the residents. I thank my culture for use so hard, even though they knew they’re chance was short. I thank them for living with a rage. My society paid the cost of death.

The world-wide is a hoax

Things happen all the time. The only median the world has. Is the wide open disciplines and approximately inexhaustible infinite it impounds. What we have done to it, wasn’t meant to be. What we cause isn’t fact.

The afterlife

Is the pull after this life. This life immediately effects afterlife You are conscious of the blis


Hold onto human fate. The challenge of collecting whizs. We we created to spoof the universe. Holy.


We lived before the beginning of the universe. We have viewed the stars explode from ages aspiration. We have started, and finished, since before the daybreak of ages. Everything we realizes, figures us eternally. Moulds our reference, chastising our temperament eternally. The only thing that is available is what we choose, and how much power we cause it. Flavor or Flesh.

What’s important

We are all just like God. Just like the devil said. We paid out fee. Thousands of years of pity, extinction and suffering. Thousands of years of pain and remorse. Thousands of years of failure and unhappines. No wonder we share in so much glory. The honour of God We not pieces of deities beginning. We are the spirit. We are the spiritually steered copies of deities informant/ planned. Going and living out within the world. You cannot take from God, Gods everything is eternal. That cannot be torn part. You have the same rules. The demon didn’t deceive us. We really dislike fatality. We could’ve ranged to demise without dread. Who gave us fear? Why did we fear death, if it’s suppose to be so natural? How could we have been betrayed? Start war against Korea the Muslims will support your gallantry Never be fascist Sacrifice for each other. Emergency’s come from god.


If we were incarnating. We would have about tens of thousands of deaths by now. And if we miss the first rebirth of modern civilization. And we neglect and it dies. We would have to do thousands more lives exactly to pick up time lost. And we will never regain that loss of time either. Is not the end. Even after you die. You are still within life. Death is asleep. And I know damn well how happy I am to have a long long rest. Even without striking dreams. Don’t be lied to, demise is joining. Beyond the realms. Don’t be duped, the dead can intercede with the living. The dead knows where the living are walking. Even before their death.

Past lives

In past lives you could have been a demon, a bipolar demon etc. You could have been stronger than tonnes of parties, thousands. You could have regulated and predominated over your equal ones for rationales with a fiery look on your face. In past lives there was more freedom to object and lash out. Now not a good deal. Pass lives will award you stronger ordeals in this one. And your next ones. Don’t die by collision. It’s not an advantage to die early in a present life. All past lives existed initially on earth. God is right just and fair. No advantages besides natural expansion.


All our hardest decisions have been already prepared in the past by another person, or yourself nonetheless. There is nothing special about “peoples lives” for you at all.

Past lives sacrifice us a lot of grown experience that we really shouldn’t have yet.

If you couldn’t incarnate over the years how would we be able to grow so much over this time?


when you is currently considering a microscope. Things certainly are galexys apart. Everything in a perspective must be small in divinities scale.

Sick babies included somewhat seems denomic No wonder

Take it apart ..

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