I recently experienced what I can only describe as “The Great Spiritual Awakening”

When you bridge the gap between the unconscious mind( someone) and self-conscious being( anatomy )… you will experience a Spiritual Awakening and will never be the same.

This is my interpretation of “The Great Spiritual Awakening”.

I experience more and more each day. I feel like I am awake for the first time ever. Good-for-nothing are similar. I am conscious of what i drink and snack. I believe what my inclinations tell me … I run wherever my someone takes me and it serves me right each time I do. I experience advertising for what it genuinely is … subliminal conditioning … propagandizing the unsuspecting public, especially social media…

With this gift( if you choose to call it that ), I feel responsible to help wake others up from their everlasting slumber.

So that’s what I are projected to do.

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