Tolkien the spiritualist

This excerpt was taken away from a YouTube video that was discussing who Tom Bombadil was, and they were discussing his wife Goldberry who in response to the Hobbits querying this very question simply replied “He is”. Though Tolkien was not necessarily describing Bombadil in this letter, certainly he is a key figure in describing the nature of power.

“The story is thrown in terms of a good side, and a bad slope, appeal against ruthless ugliness, tyranny against kingship, moderated liberty against compulsion that has long lost any object save mere ability, and so on; but both sides in some degree, conservative or vicious, want a measure of control. But “if youre having”, as it were taken’ a swear of poverty’, forsook power, and take delight in things for themselves without reference to yourself, watching, find, and to some extent knowing, then the question of the rights and wrongs of supremacy and control might become entirely meaningless to you, and the means of power fairly valueless.”

( The Letters of J.R.R Tolkien, p. 178) submitted by / u/ ditnu1 [ link ] [ observes ]

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