The Nature of the Supermind

The fundamental nature of this supermind is that all its lore is originally a learning by identity and oneness and even when it establishes numberless apparent divides and discriminating modifications in itself, still all the knowledge that operates in its workings, even in these subdivisions, is founded upon and sustained and lit and guided by this perfect knowledge by identity and oneness. This is the second character of the supreme Supermind that its knowledge is a real because a total knowledge. It has in the first place a metaphysical imagination and sees the universe not only in the universal words, but in its right relation to the supreme and everlasting world from which it continues and of which it is an expression. The third the special characteristics of the supermind arising from this difference, which introduces us to the practical distinction between the two kinds of knowledge, is that it is directly truth-conscious, a divine capability of immediate, inherent and spontaneous knowledge, an Idea holding luminously all realities and not depending on signs and logical or other steps from the known to the unknown like the thinker which is a power of the Ignorance. The supermind is again, because it acts and creates as well as knows , is not simply a direct truth-consciousness, but an illumined, direct and spontaneous truth-will. There is no such thing as and cannot be in the will of the self-knowing spirit any opposition, divide or discrepancies between its will and its acquaintance. In the highest supramentality they are intimately fused together and do not even wait upon each other but are one movement, will illumining itself, acquaintance fulfilling itself, both together a single aircraft of the being. The supermind has the eyesight of the three times, trikaladrsti; it understands them as an indivisible movement and appreciates extremely each containing the others. It shall be informed of all predispositions, vigours and actions as the diverse play-act of solidarity and knows their relation to each other in the single gesture of the one flavor. submitted by / u/ —–MIRR——A [ associate ] [ mentions ]

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