Help! Beginner in Spirituality and experience negative dreams!

I am very new into spirituality, I started a few months ago. I mediate (occasionally) and journal when I can, I also work with crystals and cleanse my room every couple of days. For the past 2 weeks or less I have been having negative experiences. Woken up from a dream and saw a old woman’s face so clearly but as soon as she came, she disappeared. Then tonight I experienced what I believe as sleep paralysis for the first time. It had sinister undertones and was able to control a few things in my “dream”. But at the very end as I was trying to regain control of my body and get out of the dream, I heard voices and I could get myself whimpering. I asked my mom if anyone was in my room and she told me no. I quickly sage my room (blue sage) and left. I don’t know what’s going on. Does anyone have advice?

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