I know my spirit guides want to talk to me so bad but i dont know how to pick up the phone.

The signs are everywhere. 1111, 222, 333 exactly angel lists everywhere and interesting thing. I want to talk to them more but idk how. I know i cant do guided meditations to meet them but im kinda scared because what if i end up talking to other flavors instead of my guides? I dont have money for quartzs and my mom is like Christian so if she felt the fact that there are my force steers or something she would freak. I only woke up a few cases hours ago and i had a dream that wasnt too weird but i still feel weird right now. Even though my mommies Christian and swears what i do is “demonic” she’ll still be the different types to “cleanse” the house with bay foliages or introduce salt or onions in the regions of the house. Ive told her that shes basically doing the things that she calls “demonic”. She even bought one of those safety bangles. But anyway yea i want to speak to my being ushers and i know they are BANGING on the door and at thing part but im like waver with opening it and ever procrastinate. They’re only at the door banging and im like “ohh well idk if i could be talking to a negative entity so ill open when im spiritually advanced and know more about this”. I say that but then refuse to study on it because im lazy and spend all my age on tiktok. Even on tiktok i scroll on some that are like signalings from my guidebooks and i know it.

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