What is it all about?

I believe that all suffering is from the sentiment. My life is a story, an apparition, my perceived troubles& perceived unhappiness come from the sentiment, the self-esteem& the floors I continue to tell myself. I am a conglomeration of labels, knows& ideas but that is not my true soul. All my fears, anger, angers is a result of my self-centeredness& my speciou appreciation of segregation. No one or nothing hurts me, my rendering of the phenomenon in my dysfunctional sentiment causes the negative sentiments. Humanity has been provisioned to believe happiness is attained in the future& from attaining coin, status, sexuality etc but again it is all an semblance& sailing where reference is do get the things we imagine will utter us happy. We become attached to these things or panic losing them or we are never satisfied. All cravings whether it is alcohol, stimulants, gambling, sex are derived from are search for wholeness. This hurts me to say but I conclude 99.9% of the Human Race are asleep. I insure husbands& females waste their entire lives searching for happiness, comprehending onto the hope that just perhaps this or that are able to become them joyful.

I am breathing, I can cherish& cure others unconditionally& hence I do not need anything else but why do I continue to feel lost& empty-headed? The more I can see the dysfunction in myself& my fellows the more I feel lost.

Where do I proceed from here?

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