Would dreams be true 3D? And if so what would that mean for lower vibrations and stuff since dreams are amazing?

So we believe we exist in the third dimension, but I theorize we are in a sort of 3.5 D. My theory mostly leads that genuine 4D is the dimension of time. So basically what true time is, is a book, it’s not the flowing river we see it to be within this dimension. So our incomplete insight of duration is what restrains us caught in this 3.5 D mood. True 3D “wouldve been” the dream state.

I believe the dream government is 3D because term isn’t suffered the same in dreams as it is in base reality, at least it isn’t for me, and from other accounts I’ve seen. In the dream regime if one were to go lucid and practice fairly, they’re able to change the environment at will. Pure oneness with the third dimension would account for increased authority in the dream territory. Of trend without tradition ones subconscious brings to light what it delights. But that remain them affecting the dream even if not directly.

I’ve been so busy thinking about higher facets that I didn’t even bother to be considered lower features due to preconceived notions. But this would fit with my hypothesi of us being in 3.5 D. But again, this is just my theory, my space of trying to understand the crazy world we are now in. Thanks for the predict, and I hope you all abide safe out there.

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