Becoming A New Person

I just got hit with such a wave of exuberance and apprehension, and I wanted to share my own fib in hopes that others can feel some encouragement from it.

I was just driving back to my job during my lunch interruption and I had such a strong realization about so many things that are changing within me. The “me” I used to be was so hard on myself, really confused, and felt so hopeless. I’ve noticed during this journey that my thinker is clearer and more pacify. My body feels healthier, I used to get sick at least once a few months( I believe it had to do with stress ). I’ve even noticed smaller changes in myself pertaining to my interests. For example, since my early teen times I had always listened to music more deep-rooted in carry sadness and hurting, but it time doesn’t interest me like it be applicable to. On surface of all of this, I’ve gained the strength to leave life-long relationships that hindered my own increment.

Back a year or two ago, I would’ve never expected myself to be doing so well. I used to want to die almost every single day. Through my jaunt of spirituality, I’ve healed so many winds within myself. Of trend, it’s a work in progress and I don’t expect for this transformation to ever have an ceasing. But these changes , no matter how small-scale or inconsequential they may seem to others, were enough to bring me to sobbings when I noticed just how impactful the sum of these changes are to me.

If you’re starting with spirituality or simply just interested in learning about it, just know that you have the power to convert. Small victories make sense, and though you will never be perfect, you can improve. You can get closer to peace. You are so beautiful and so worth it.

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