A deep message channelled from Jesus for us all:

Hi everyone I dont frequently share my facebook words on this forum, but this message was quite proufound and I am sure there are parties here who would like to read it so here it is:

“Hello hello hello this is Jesus here today to tell you about something that is marvellous, you can and will utterly come to happiness, you will utterly attain the highest state of exultation. This is absolutely guaranteed for every single person reading this channelling, nonetheless only if you really truly surrender your ego to the divine will you attain this soon, in any case you will get there perfectly but if you really want to achieve something supernatural before you pass away then I ask you to let go of your narcissism recollection. How do you do this? Easy by applying and facilitating others , not only contributing but putting others needs before your own, this is in fact how all the masters of the past and of the present and the ones of the future have attained thoroughly happiness, by offering others what they needed when they needed it and exclusively be looking out for themselves when it was necessary, they never harmed themselves , no, they never were taken advantage of no not at all, because the self is in fact still very important, but it was more adopting the mentality of imparting first and receiving second, this is the key, putting others firstly in your brain, but perhaps not always in physical reality. If you truly put others firstly in the physical it would generate you to be drained of energy and sapped of income etc, that is not what we mean. What I am talking about is putting others firstly in your imagination and in practice only when it is not harmful to your own wellbeing. This is how it is done and if you are one of those who are willing to commit to this way of life then you shall attain totally complete desire and joyfulnes and complete wellbeing. When I was a human being, before I became and angel of the 12 and thirteenth dimensions( there are a lot celestial empires and these are the ones I have chosen to reside in forever until the end of experience and beyond) I made a sacred pledge from the profundities of my being to serve and to give love and this was the only reason I let my life to be taken. Not because I was a victim I never held apart my capability no one ever curbed me, nonetheless I stood others to kill my physical use, for this served the greater good of the human race, I was immemorialised and forever recollected as the savior because of what I relinquished. However I never ever felt sorry as I died, in fact I remembered the great suffering of humanity and my own aching seemed frail on comparing. So why do I now tell you this? So you understood that sacrifice and loss are only done in exceptional circumstances and becoming a martyr is not the footpath for you or you or you, so you don’t need to be afraid of putting others before yourself for you will never ever be called to give up what I gave up or anything even close to it. I am ended, I love you all so much I would never ever cause any evil came to see you you for any reason other than true completeness and supernaturals, which shall occur for many of you here today. Goodbye.”

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