Wrote this for a friend experiencing suicidal thoughts, goes for anyone else as well ❤️ ☮️

Keep in mind this girl is not spiritual, “woke” in any way, basically is very in tune with this matrix. I’ve tried to put it in her language(meaning to sound sane to a person like her) before but this time I thought I’d just say it how I want…..

You probably won’t understand most of this but basically you are at a low vibration. Meaning your state of being is low, not really your fault I can’t blame you I was the same. we grow up conditioned to be as such.

So at the state ur in you are depressed you are anxious you’re self conscious blah blah all that is that negative side of certain things. The positive side would be being happy, creative and charismatic (instead of anxious), and confident in urself in all aspects.

So if you want to become happier it really is all on you now, so do not look to me or ur parents or ur sister or anything external of you. And remember you are not ur thoughts. Thoughts come and go, feelings come and go, days come and go, but what always remains is you and the present moment.

And I am not perfect in any way I don’t live the perfect life either but this is just stuff that I have realized is true and helped pull me out of depression and suicidal states and I’ve never been happier in life nowadays. So things that can change your life and make you go from low to high are (things I do/did)

-meditation -breath work – drink a lot of water -positive affirmations(wake up and say today’s gonna be great and your gonna be happy today) -exercise -cut off toxic people – delete social media – quit using drugs…any kind including caffeine, nicotine – cold showers – express how you feel to others who care and will help but do not depend on them -stop overthinking -be in the present moment -catch yourself when u start thinking bad things and ask what is triggering these thoughts -get better sleep etc. the list can go on and on

These are just some small things that make a huge difference and I’m only typing this because I care and love you and don’t wanna see you like this forever. It’s okay your going through hell right now, embrace it, feel it and be with it, but do not get stuck there, just keep positive and better days are to come soon. ❤️

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