Do you think physical health and spiritual health are interconnected?

Now disclaimer before i start, i follow the specific recommendations of medical professionals first of all in my own life so delight don’t take anything I say as message, although countless spiritual beings seem to think this so I “ve got to hear” what you have to say.

I am indeed starting to think that your spiritual wellness and your body’s health are inversely related. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a pretty bad autoimmune issue, and around that time I also thrived emotionally, been accompanied by spiritually. I had essentially been spiritually blind and not in touch with my spirits at all in the few years prior.

Once I was diagnosed and began suitable medication, my feeling wellbeing went road up at the same time as my physical state did. Up to now I have only been moving uphills I feel, and now I am more spiritually aware than ever.( dont get me wrong, things in “peoples lives” haven’t all been perfect but “peoples lives” reformed so much from that stage .)

Also, I am noticing the trend recently where, if I am forgetting my spiritual patterns for a little my explosions can get the best of me – and when im truly in my footpath following my higher being, my symptoms abide down.

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