Sixth sense/coincidence/universe/synchronicity

So I’ve had a pretty tough past few months. My life kind of feels like it has been falling apart. A frightful affinity with my mother that has been steaming up and I’m various kinds of precisely over her toxicity. My brother is schizophrenic, and a drug abuser. I have tried to help both of them and they won’t listen. I ultimately decided to cut them out. Regardless you get the gist of it. My life has just been fairly frustrating.

My lifelong friend who I haven’t talked to in years randomly hits me up and we are talking here and had a really fun time tonight playing games. Is the sixth sense thing real? Does he have it? Is he an angel who just happened to embroil in at the right time? Apparently we might be living in a pretending so is this just part of the game? Am I in a coma and this is me exit “peoples lives”? I don’t know.

I’ve likewise been dealing with really strange co-occurrences. I will try to make this short. I speaking about this daughter( who I haven’t talked to in three years) to one of my online friends and the following morning she made me up and we chitchatted the working day.

I had a dream where I went to Dairy Queen with my momma to specifically get a soft pretzel, but they were not able to get it for me “due to complications”. A few days later I went to Dairy Queen with my mummy just for ice cream, and was like .. I could go for some soft pretzels extremely. When we got to the window guess what? They were flowed out of them and I wasn’t able to get them. It blew my brain.

When I was asking to my mom who I already told about the dream she just kind of blew it off like it was just a coincidence. Pretty specific “coincidence” if you ask me. While I was clarifying to her that material like this happens to me all of the time I said, “To be frank” and guess what sounded up in the Tv? An image of parties grilling hotdogs. Franks. She thought it was weird, but precisely a coincidence .. BS.

I have always had this synchronicity. When I predict something I will hear the same word being spoken on television. Not time common paroles all of the time. Sometimes they are very specific. It genuinely obliges me wonder … What gone on?

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