Comforting chance encounter

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I’ve been going through what I believe is an existential crisis these past few months. Pair that with my overactive generalized tension and OCD and it has been bumpy lately to say the least, but I am working through it. Slowly, but definitely making progress.

I’ve had countless unexplainable things happen to me throughout my life, although being a skeptic I always quite doubted myself and the things I experienced. Even when my close friends and marriage would evidence these things, I would still have a little doubt because much of society is quick to throw a crazy name on people who claim these types of things. However I simply recollected one situation that was unlike the rest, and it has helped making solace for me in this dark time I am going through. I foresaw I would share in case it helps someone else in a same statu, or even just as a( hopefully !) interesting speak for the rest of you.

A few years back, my partner and I saved up a nice dollop of fund to get surgery done for me, for us. I had a tubal ligation done some years back( which for anyone who doesn’t know, is a surgical procedure for women to permanently frustrate maternity ). We saved the money to have a tubal reversal, which gives wives another chance to become pregnant again if everything goes well. He had no minors and demanded very badly some of his own, and for myself – I missed “ive ever” it done in the first place. Cried my sees out for months. So we were both super energized, but realistic. A tubal reversion is by no means a guarantee that we could have children, as this surgery doesn’t work for everyone.

Anyway, we were on an Amtrak train leader out to the San Fransisco airport to fly out to the doctor who was going to perform the surgery. Sitting one row in front, and across from us, was a guy in what seemed his mid 20 s with his young daughter. As we transferred through Stockton, he screams out to represent his hometown, which I thought was a little humorous. After passing through, he turns around and looks at me for a few seconds, then kind of pauses and says “you two are going to have a daughter”, to which I kinda smile and say “I hope so, that would be perfect”. But then I thought about it for a second, what are the odds that this random guy would turn to us and announce us having a child, literally on our way out to get surgery to try for precisely that? I was taken aback at how he felt that.

He then gone on and excuses to us that he is a healer, and that he is sensing that we are going to be mothers. He said we were going to have a girl, and she would be a daddy’s girlfriend. Funnily fairly, my boyfriend was adamant about if this surgery was a success, he really wanted a daughter, so he was enjoying this conversation. The person then goes on to say he wanted us to have this pomegranate, like a talent, he said it would help us, then handed it to me. I thanked him and he smiled. His little daughter then sides us a resounding pop candy, which was very sweet of her. We terminated up saving that candy to remind us of them, because we clearly couldn’t retain a pomegranate for too long before it spoiled.

The next town, the guy is about to exit the improve as it’s his stop, but turns back once again and seizures my hands and says good luck. A duet towns after that, we head out, get the surgery done. Two a few months later we find out we are pregnant. A few months later and the ultrasound stuns us, we are having a daughter! How this guy prophesied, or even why or how he felt drawn to us and accurately predicted our future, I have no clue. Maybe it was just coincidence. But I am grateful to have met him and have that event. We now have two daughters – a toddler and a 3 week aged that we are only generated home. And sure as shooting, our toddler is a daddy’s daughter. Literally his little slope kick, haha. She loves me ofc, but the ligament those two have is incredible.

Last night I went curious and gaped up if there was any connection with the pomegranate the guy gave me, it seems that is a fruit of birthrate.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my story, I apologize for it being so long!

TL ;D R having an existential crisis, gave at ease remembering an encounter with a random person who connected with boyfriend and I and predicted our future so to speak.

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