Just had a revelation y’all!

I recognise I have such a hard time learning new habits and making circulate of old ones because of THEATRICS. I recollect being a child there ever had to be DRAMA in order to better for something to be REAL/ TAUGHT there was arguing when learning or train was involved and this has provided an adult who doesn’t learn unless he shapes himself remorselessly a apparently infinite extent of days until minuscule alters arose over hour. But that’s straight mare shit! We don’t need a show in order for something to be real, the fact that it’s real is enough for it to be so. I see how the root of this believe, and I select now to uproot it! It no longer is a part of my identity. I can learn without anger, I can change without nagging and judgement. I release that part of the past.

I hope this helps someone else!

Which reminds me, I also recognise I had a complex of there being a race to be won, where I would feel like I needed to know certain things or like things others didn’t because it somehow got me ahead of the game. That’s horse shit extremely! There’s no hasten to be earned, this is a journey that we’re all on, and I’d rather lose a race with a bunch of beings I love than die greedy in some hypothetical result.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a healthful date. Love y’all.

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