QAnon, Trump, and The Fake Awakening

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It’s 2020, so The Fake Awakening nurtured by the coded thrust referred “Q” is supposedly here. Because that is all QAnon is; imitation.

No – Donald Trump, the Kennedys, and the Republican administration are not the rescuers of We The People.

The people who need them to be their salvations- QAnons – have come again for the tried and tested political-pawn false idol, in Trump this time, and a mind-control experiment announced “Q”. T

he powers behind QAnon are connected to the same bloodlines and privilegeds the Anons think they are taking down; it is the vintage “division” game by the elites to chump the betrayed in.

This time the cabal is using the alluring tempt of “The Great Awakening” to distract them whilst the categorically obvious New World Order is coming to fruition through the “pandemic” of 2020.

Any “New World” being offered would just be a symbolic public changing of the guards amongst the elites, whilst the Illuminati dynasty families will continue to rule in private; as they always have.

A true world-wide awakening is ONLY when the majority of members of the human race has awoken and actively demands mutate- cosmic, collective free will – not when power-hungry elites want to stage a coup and call it “The Great Awakening 2020 ”.

Though this take-down will likely not even come to fruition; it is all smoke and mirrors to disempower and deceive The Resistance before the junk decides on the New world Order.

Then, when the Anons wake up from “Q”’s mind-spell deception, their popcorn will be ready for a real-life horror movie that has dawned upon Earth. They will have ignorantly slept on arouse pattern 101; never trust authority.

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