My Spirit Guides have iced me out 😞

I know some people protest and are adamant that flavor steers are all around us but I haven’t had that suffer for the past 2 years. I’ve been shit down in literally every avenue of my life and I’m mentally, emotionally and financially spent now. I can’t even respite because I don’t have the indulgence to( I.e. need to have food on the table, salary lease, etc .). I know I’ve been iced out by my atmosphere guides because I’ve been asking for basic requisites and have been WORKING hard towards my goals with no resolve. Every obstacle that could come against me did and such obstacles acquired. I feel so overcame and disorient. All I do is thoughts my business and try to do the right thing more I don’t feel substantiated and have evidence that I’m not after 2 years. Has anybody had a similar event?

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