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Hi. I was requiring some advice or beliefs about a situation I am in. I am( 22 f) and currently with my partner( 22 m) from high school. We have a 3 time old daughter and indeed if it wasn’t for her we would be broken up. Our relationship was intense at first but there were a lot of red flags I discounted. When I got pregnant he left me and culminated up coming back and here we are. There is just no activate.

On the other hand, I have a friend( 33 m) who has always been there for me. I know our senility chink is larger, we met working in the same industry. From the start I didn’t really reflect much of him until we talked for the first time and unexpectedly I exactly knew I had to see him again. He ended up inviting me to go along with him and his friends after. We time immediately hit it off. There has been acting so weird coincidences. We have the same birthday, birth time within 5 minutes of each other, and his birth time is 89 and mine is 98.

Sometimes I have visions or feelings that I automatically know are through him and a lot of the time they be brought to an end genuine. Or I’ll be feeling bad, and we live in separate countries, and he’ll message me asking if I’m okay with no hints that I could be feeling bad. And he’ll say it’s that he felt something was off with me.

I have my own life, job, daughter and have a busy life and so does he. There’s just moments throughout my era sometimes that I precisely feel his spirit. Like a little message that says he’s thinking of me more. I resonate delusional but it actually has me distressed at the moment because I feel like I’m at crossroads with my current partner. I recognize my friend whenever he comes to town which is maybe 2/3 seasons a year for maybe a weekend or so and it’s ever so intense but comforting. We don’t do anything sexually but there is a lot of tension on both points.

If it wasn’t due to my child , not constructing fairly money moved away alone, living in a different country etc I would be with him 100% and he demands that very but we’ve both voted in favour of this report merely won’t happen now if not ever. And it genuinely shapes me sad sometimes. I haven’t seen him in over a year due to Covid and I find myself longing for him. I feel his energy though and it’s comforting. But I can’t assist but think about the what if’s when I lay in bunked at night.

Does this necessitate anything? Is it just simply being fierce? Delusional? I really demand some purity if this necessitates something spiritually

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