The Ego is About Possession

The ego is about self-possession. When we learn that possession is an illusion since things can always be taken away, we must learn to find what we can attach ourselves to that is less contingent on fortune.

A beautiful work of art improves you more because it’s available to others, and owning it would perhaps give you a sense of arrogance, but it would exhaust you of a sense of connection to others.

The same to be applied in others knacks. There are some spaces that I learnt myself talented as I grew up, particularly in music. When I was younger, I would become envious of people’s endowments and compare myself endlessly. Nowadays, when I find beings with talent, it’s a lot easier to simply enjoy their flair in that it fertilizes me by being around it.

Now, there’s no need to feel perfectly okay with not having your basic material needs encountered. It is not a sin to feel bad about it. In detail, this is a very important feeling, and you’re going to make yourself more miserable.

I think that trying to feel better about having nothing is a geeks errand. I’d rather find the intend given the fact that by working towards my own stability, I can dish others in obtain that stability, and facilitate move the world that much closer to a harmonious purity. When you are aligned with working towards the greater good, and you understand that possession is also a dupes errand, you can move towards your own material stability without feeling like you’re being materialistic.

The goal is to aim at a life that is more beautiful and augmenting than you could possibly imagine, but to work towards that world-wide through love.

I wish I could give this feeling better words.

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