What does seeing a number constantly mean?

I[ 23 M] have been seeing this number 303 for such a long time. Ever since I is rather kid. When ever I look at the clock, license plates, epoch stamps for songs, home multitudes, movies, and literally simply anywhere. Could this be a sign from the universe or precisely a strange co-occurrence? This is seriously killing me lol. I google searched the figure 303 online and it’s apparently an angel figure that is defined as “any positive changes or activities you are considering right now will be well worth your while, and you will be assisted in their undertaking.” It’s crazy because I’ve been doubting myself for so long. I’ve dealt with depression, suspicion, ego suspense, ego worth al day low-toned, and etc. So used to identify what this numeral conveyed certainly hit me. What do you guys suppose? Could this be all just a strange coincidence that I’m seeing this count?

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